Family Photos Great Grandfather Egelston William Jackson Cope, Great Great Grandfather With Mom McCausey - 1950 First Car in Menifee Co - Mama and Papa Egelston Dad Cope 2004 Cope Road Early 70's @ Mariba Forest, 2nd from the right front row, shot down over the Black Sea Grandmother Eunice Gose Cope, as a young girl July 1953 - 4 yrs old Mom Mariba Uncle Jim Willie First Grade Claude Steele fishing River Gorge - Dad's best friend 1967 Brother David with Homer Ledford and Cabin Creek Band Papa Cope, 3rd from Left Cope and his Uncle Willie circa 1971 Dad and Mom David and Steven in the Smokey Mountains, June 1956 Egelston Kids From the hill behind the house @ Mariba Great Grandfather John Andreson Cope,  Great Grandmother Sophronia Adams, c 1924 Junior, Willie, and Jim - Mom's brothers Movie Star Mom Uncle Junior Mom Brother David Cope and Kennon Cope Place on McCausey Dad Temple February 1953 Grandfather Egelston, Great Grandfather and family Mamma Egelston New York 1987 At the McCausey Farm, 1953 Car crash, Steve and Cousin Gary c 1973, Steve's literary birthyear Cope and Kennon Cope Road heading back to the old Kentucky homestead, staked out by William Jackson Cope Dad (2nd from left) with cousins (far right) Delilah Strong Cope, Great Grandmother First Car in Menifee Co. Mama and Papa Egelston Grandma Gose, Dad, Mamma---Three generations before I was born. John Allen, Cori Mariba c 1975 Uncle Forrest, killed in WWII to whom 'In Killdeer's Field' is dedicated Willie and Kathleen, aunt and uncle, waiting on the Greyhound Dad, Steve, and Gary Sister Julie (Cope's Illustrator) Spittin' image of the fourth cliff, on the Cope homeplace Steven, Ruth, and Susan in front of the old house on the farm Steve's Mother Steve on mule Steve and his Uncle Jimmy, his mom's brother, June 1956 Temple Cope, pointing to the star in the window of the old house, signifying Uncle Forrest s giving his life in WW II