About the Author

While in some quarters he’s known only for his music, it’s as an author and poet that Steven R. Cope is most widely recognized. Since his first published poem, “Old Wolf,” in 1973, his work has appeared in 250+ magazines, journals, anthologies, and newspapers around the country, winning prizes or awards from The Kentucky Arts Council, The Academy of American Poets, Borestone Mountain, and others. Though Cope’s themes are far-reaching, he has always maintained, stylistically and otherwise, a conscious independence both inspired and nurtured by his Eastern Kentucky Appalachian heritage. His poems have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and twice been anthologized in Best Poems of the Year. In addition, he served a two-year term as co-editor/publisher of Wind Magazine and Wind Publications during which time he edited George Ella Lyon’s Catalpa (1993), Everett Donaldson’s Raccoon John Smith (1993), and Charles Semones’ Hard Love (1994).  The same year he also co-edited with Charlie Hughes the Best of Wind anthology, a massive volume of the best work appearing in the magazine throughout the twenty-year editorship of Quentin R. Howard, its founder.  In 1995 Cope returned to music, began teaching guitar, and wrote and produced singer Star Johnson’s album Judas-Tree Ridge, winner of Airplay International’s Trailblazer Award in 1999.  In 2005, in a return to editing, he edited and wrote the foreword for Harry Brown’s Felt Along the Blood, New and Selected Poems. Off and on through the years Cope has taught literature and writing at Eastern Kentucky University, Morehead State University, and the University of Kentucky.

Among Cope's numerous works are five major volumes of poetry: In Killdeer’s Field, Clover’s Log, Crow!, The Furrbawl Poems, and The Mad Reverend, as well as the novel Sassafras; the collection of short fiction The White Doors; the fable/story collection The Book of Saws; and a thousand and one tongue-in-cheek proverbs The Appalaches or “Talking Down a Hole.”

Ordering Information can be downloaded on a PDF or by e-mailing info@stevenrcope.com


Steve is available for readings, lectures, and/or literary workshops and editing, as well as guitar instruction and/or song-writing workshops. He is rarely available for concert performances these days, but will still consider requests. Fees are as follow:

  • Library (45 min - 1 hour) - $400
  • Classroom visit (45 min - 1 hour) - $400
  • Full day - $750
  • Week-long teaching residency (2 classes per day) - $2500

Fees may be negotiable dependent upon the organization, travel distance, etc. If you would like to see if your cause qualifies for a reduced fee, please e-mail Steve at info@stevenrcope.com